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Leather Care


Leather Care

When you buy from Virtue & Valour, you buy a commitment to quality gear that is built to last. Follow these steps to ensure your leather functions beautifully for years to come:

1. Keep it clean. Occasionally wipe down your leather with a soft, damp cloth. Do not soak or saturate. For heavier soiling, use plain glycerine soap and water (Virtue & Valour uses Fiebing’s Glycerine Saddle Soap.) Be sure to wipe off all soap residue with a damp cloth. Bodily fluids, food, and drink should be cleaned from your gear as soon as possible. 

2. After cleaning, allow the leather to thoroughly air-dry at room temperature. Do not use heat, as it causes shrinking, drying, and cracking. 

3. Apply a small amount of all-natural leather conditioner to keep your leather soft and flexible. (Matt prefers Obenauf’s LP or Huberd's Shoe Grease.) Animal fat-based products (such as mink oil) are not recommended as they can over-soften the leather and may turn rancid over time. Avoid silicone-based conditioners as they block pores and prevent the leather from breathing.

4. Store clean items in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight. Make sure there is good air circulation and avoid tightly sealed plastic bags or containers. Use padded hangers to help keep the shape of leather garments. 


For more complex care questions email or consult your local bootblack.

To learn more about our Craftsmanship Guarantee, check out our About page.


*Virtue & Valour is not affiliated with any of the above leather care companies. Product recommendations are based on personal experience only.