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Booty Waist Harness- Chained Up

$185.00 CAD

The Details

  • Premium black leather posture collar in a beautiful supple 4 oz black leather
  • Enduring quality and durability in mind - 0.5" width for all straps
  • Solid stainless steel hardware (this piece is heavy)
  • All straps are removable and may be repositioned
  • This piece can be worn as just a belt, straps can be attached to other belts, jeans, etc
  • All buckle closures are adjustable by 4 inches

Outfit Inspiration

  • Can be worn low on the waist or high on the waist depending on the outfit
  • This leather waist harness adds a little rock and roll to any outfit.
  • Ever wish your slim line black dress was a peplum? This does just that. Need an extra detail over a corset? Here we are!