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Convertible Mini Leather Backpack and Hip Bag

$275.00 CAD

The Details

  • The fully lined black genuine leather mini backpack features 3 fully functional outer pockets in order to compartmentalize your necessities
  • This backpack comes with size adjustable straps and can be work one of three ways; as a backpack, a single shoulder bag, or a hip belt
  • The straps clip on and off with solid brass hardware. Both straps are padded for extra shoulder comfort
  • Bag starts at 2" inches at the top and goes up to 9.5" inches at the bottom. The middle zipper measures 13" inches Both side zippers measure 7.5" inches. When bag is fully stuffed it can stretch to about 5"-6" in volume Each standard strap can adjust up to 33" in length at its longest. The bag itself is 17" long

Outfit Inspiration

  • This convertible leather backpack is perfect for all of your adventures. You lead a busy life, juggling everything you have to hold on a daily basis, and heavy purses hurt your back
  • This backpack is designed as a solution to the ever aching purse shoulder.  Making this the ultimate bag to take you from the office to the wherever you need to go afterwards