@virtuevalour I get a lot of questions about how to take measurements for a harness. Its not hard at all! 1) neck 2) underbust/ribcage 3) Natural waist 4) Hips 5) thigh crease 6) thigh The beauty of these harnesses is rhah they are extremely adjustable, so your measurements dont have to be perfect and all you need is a measuring tape. #bodypositivity #fypシ #kinktok #quinkcommunity #queertiktok ♬ Your Body - Valentino Khan & Nitti Gritti
It is common knowledge that "one size fits all" doesn't actually. 



When you look at the landscape of harnessing, typically one size fits all is how must brands approach it. The reality is, human bodies are beautiful and varied. Our goal is to eliminate the 1 size fits all approach. Custom sizing is always free, but here is the size chart.







Every body is unique, and so is what inspires them